mercredi 11 juillet 2018

Love Notions - Summer Lace Tour

Hello, I'm back at blogging with the Lace Love Notions Summer Blog Tour. When Kelly put forward the idea for Lace projects, I wanted in.  I have so many projects I wanted to try: Cartwheel top with lace back for my daughter, Sloane with lace accent, "Sexy" Luna Loungewear or Lotus Blossom blouse!   There is no limit to your imagination, I settled on a lace top with flutter sleeves.
My inspiration came from Banana Republic after some windows shopping.  Joking here, I don't have time for windows shopping anymore, I'm more a Pinterest and internet browsing kind of shopper. 😉  
Below is my inspiration for this project, which I reproduced using the Forte view C - classic tee with scoop neck and bell sleeves.
What do you think?  I created a great alternative to a plain black blouse-very Stylish!  This was my first time trying the Forte and I think it is a very flattering shirt.  I did not realize how many options to mix and match were available with this pattern (four top views, two dress views and six sleeve options). Definitely something to try again.

I really like the inspiration top. To reach the same style I made a few changes.  I cut one size bigger, the main reason was that I wanted a relaxed fit with a little bit more room thorough the chest.  I cut my sleeve a little shorter, three-quarter length sleeves, I was looking for a summery style.


The inspiration came with an interior cami for extra coverage.  No problem, Love Notions has the perfect pattern for that - Luna Loungewear. I had some left over yoga fabric from another project that I used for the cami making it super comfortable.

The last modification I made was how I finished the neckline.  I used the same technic than the Luna pattern.  I encased the edge in the neckline band to reach a clean finish without exposed seams.

This beautiful fabric came from L'Oiseau fabric and was perfect for this project. It has the perfect stretch.  My last step for this project is to take this flattering shirt to a night out!
Please make sure to visit all the other talent ladies part of this Summer Lace tour.
Happy Summer!

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