lundi 31 octobre 2016

The Fabric Geeks - 2

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I have a few more print to show you from my latest adventure with The Fabric Geeks.  I have to say this was such a fun experience and challenging.  Usually, I test pattern and I look for the perfect fabric.  This time it was the opposite, I had to find the perfect pattern to show case this amazing fabric.  It turn out that I went ahead and tried a few patterns that I got and never got around to use them.

In case you missed it, I went into the fabric details (i.e weight) in my previous post. One thing I did not mention is the other types of fabric also available during the preorder.  PUL stand for Polyurethane Laminate.  Which means the fabric is laminated with a polyurethane making it waterproof.  So it is ideal for the outside of cloth diapers and diaper cover. But you can use it for a lot more than that. I used the Chewie PUL for wet bags to use at camp!

The Fabric Geeks also offers print in Woven and French Terry. I still have to try those two! The prints presented in my previous post and below are all cotton lycra knit.

Pokémon Go, raise your hand if you are a fan!  We are not big fans here, the apps for my Ipad was always crashing so the kids lost interest very quickly. In our house the Pokémon cards game is huge.  I still don’t understand the different powers but my sons are all about carrying those cards around and trading them at school.  So when I show them The Fabric Geeks line up, this Pokecos was at the top of the list.

This one feature the Pokecos Panel and Main cotton lycra.  I really love the colours of the main fabric for the Pokecos, it so bright.  I will probably order some more of this print to make something for my youngest.  I used the Heidi and Finn All you Need Jammies Pajamas for this one.

So if you have been reading me for a while, you know that my son is quite skinny.  I make 100% of his sleeping wear and this pattern was used a few times for both girls and boys already, just never feature on this blog yet!

To stay with the Pokémon theme, I had the chance to test the Chansey Panel and Poke Glitz main cotton lycra. 

The main fabric has also bright colours.  For this one I tried a new pattern, I bought it a few months ago when it was released but did not had the chance to try it.  It is the Hibernis from Sofilanjtes. (affiliate link). 

The cowl is not attached to the shirt so it can be wear separately.  This was a quick project, I will definitely use this pattern again.

Surprisingly, I kept one print to make something for myself- Rebel Naveen. I got my inspiration from the talented laddies in The Fabric Geeks testing group and a recent blog tour.  So I decided to make the jump and try to make my own underwear set. 

I used the Scrundlewear from SUAT and Agility tank Bra from 5 out of 4 (affiliate link).  The amazing part is that I was able to complete this project with one diaper/panty panel.  I used a little bit of another fabric for the back of the bra but the rest was from the panel. The panel size is 23'' by 35''.  I decided to put the design at the back of the panty but I could also have it on the front of the bra.

This was my first time using both patterns. I’m definitely planning to reuse the Agility Tank for a batting suit or yoga top. Unfortunately, there is not enough support for a regular sport bra. 

For the panty, I made the boy cut version.  I will definitely try again this one as well, there is more options to try out.  I used Fold Over Elastic for both item in case you wonder. I really love this type of elastic, it give such a clean finish.

Overall this was an amazing experience and I’m really happy with the end results.  Thank you Janice and Cheyenne for including me in this Epic preorder. I had a blast!

Take care


Note : La version française va être publiée dans une autre publication.  C'était trop long!

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