dimanche 29 octobre 2017

Pattern Review - The Auden Cardigan

Good day,  I had the chance, as part of the monthly pattern review, to try another pattern from Jennifer Lauren Handmade collection.

This month I tried the casual men's cardigan Auden.  This pattern is designed for menswear. Unfortunately, my husband is not the cardigan type of guy.

The Auden Cardigan is inspired from the 50s.  It features a modern slim fit body and unique saddle shoulder design line.

I love cardigan a lot, I wear one every day at the office.  So I decided to try the pattern and make a version for myself. Selfish sewing!

I started this project with a little bit of research online to get some ideas.  Here is what I got inspired by (From shop.nordstrom.com & bananarepublic.gapcanada.ca)

I really like the sparkly sequined placket one, such a fun detail. I created my version of the Auden Cardigan with that fun detail in mind.

The suggested fabrics for this cardigan are medium weight, low-stretch sweatshirt knit fabrics. I used french terry with about 25% stretch. I believe this was the right choice of fabric for this cardigan.

Pattern pieces.  You need to start with reading the instructions before printing the pattern.  This pattern includes 2 views and each view has it own pattern pieces.

There is only one file for the A4 and letter format. Each pattern piece are labeled and each size has it own style. Regular makings are included (grain line, notch and lengthen/shorten line).

I print all my patterns at home and in black and white.  I like the layers function (printing only one size).  This feature was not included in this pattern. Please note, that the current pattern in testing includes this feature. Youpi!!!

Instructions, I had no issue with the instructions included with this pattern. Each step was well explained and included digital drawings.  A very detailed sewing glossary is also included.

Another nice feature is the finished garment measurements table.  I like to refer to those tables to ensure the fit I want to reach.  A size chart (metric and imperial) is also included to help you select your size. 

I did modify the order of the steps, when completing this project.  I always start with interfacing my pieces as my first steps. This step was included with the assembling of the neck band facing.  No issue here just a preference!

Modifications I made by personal choice:
I made a few modifications to this version, I reduced the length of the sleeve by one inch, I could had probably take a little bit more.

I also reduced the length by one inch, and modify the length of the hem.  The hem included in the instructions is 3/4 inch (2cm). I used a 2 inch hem and a blind hand stitch.  The edge of my fabric was rolling a lot, I was worried that a 2cm will not be enough to keep the hem from rolling. 

I also skipped the button holes and buttons. Reducing the level of difficulty of this pattern!  The main reason was my inspiration above. 

One thing that I found too big on me was the sleeve cuffs.  This is definitely a men details! There is also a women version of this cardigan available on Jennifer Lauren Handmade - The Juniper Cardigan.

In conclusion,  this pattern was well constructed and I wish she would made a similar version for the boys.  My man is not a cardigan type but it would be perfect for my boys.  

You can read my previous experience with Jennifer Lauren Handmade here.

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