vendredi 27 octobre 2017

Mouse House Creations - Dress Up Hoodie

I love being creative and making costumes for my kids. It is so much fun.

This year again, I had the chance to test a few patterns that I used for my kids school costumes. Our school has very strict rules on what the kids are allowed to wear for the school Halloween activities (including no mask). Those patterns were perfect to meet all those rules and ensure that my kids had a lot of fun with their costume.

First up, is the brand new pattern from Mouse House Creations. The Dress Up hoodie* is full of options to create the perfect raglan tee.

Bunny, Unicorn, Horse, Dinosaur, Shark, Mouse, Cat, Deer, Butterfly, Bat, Owl/Bird or let your creativity go wild.

During testing, I made two versions of the pattern. 

We tried the bat (bat wing cape and ear), my son was so excited by this hoodie that he could not stand still to take some pictures. He needed to try-out the bat wing.  He needed to know how fast he needs to run to get the cape to fly!

My second version was inspired by the yellow Angry Birds. I used a feather boa from the dollar store Halloween section for the head and tail of my bird.

There is a few options available in the PDF world to create the perfect Dress-up hoodie.  What I really like about the Mouse House Creations is the hood and sleeve. They have been created with the accents in mind. The pattern has two set of sleeve and hood depending on the options (accent) selected for your creation.

Another thing you should consider is the sizing, my kids are more on the skinny side and I haven’t made any modifications to this pattern.

There is some PDF pattern brands that I stay away from because they are designed for larger kids.  It requires too many modifications to accommodate my kids shapes.

If you are still looking for Halloween ideas, I have few projects on this blog : Dragon Wings, Birds Wings, Owl Cape and Witch.

I will be using this pattern* again for just a plain raglan but also for Christmas, I really want to try the Reindeer version!

Curious about the second pattern I tested! Click here to have a look.

Happy Halloween!

J'adore l'automne surtout pour la fête d'halloween.  Cette année encore, j'ai eu la chance de testé de nouveaux patrons pour mes costumes d'halloween.

Pour débuté, j'ai testé le dernier patron de Mouse House Creations Dress Up Hoodie*.  Ce patron n'est pas juste un chandail mais aussi le parfait costume pour tout les jours.

Durant la période de test, j'ai fais deux chandails.  Une chauve-souris avec les ailes et un oiseau inspiré des Angry Birds.

Le patron inclus plusieurs options : Lapin, chat, souris, chauve-souris, unicorne, cheval, dragon et hibou.  Mais le plus important vous avez le parfait gabarit pour laisser votre imagination s'épanouir!  

J'ai beaucoup aimé la construction du capuchon et des manches. Le patron est conçu pour l'ajout de toute sorte d'éléments. 

Il y a plusieurs options de chandail de ce type sur le marché.  Un autre élément important est le tableau des grandeurs.  Mes garçons sont plutôt mince et je n'ai pas fait de modifications pour ajuster le patron.  

Si vous êtes à la recherche d'idées, j'ai quelques projets sur ce blog : Ailes de dragon, Ailes d'oiseau, Hibou et Sorcière.

Je planifie utiliser ce patron* au moins une autre fois, je veux essayer le chevreuil et probablement la souris pour notre prochain voyage à Disney !

Joyeuse Halloween!

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