vendredi 8 décembre 2017

Handmade Holiday Tour

I love this time of the year.  Holiday music, baking, hot chocolate and marshmallows, and best of all watching “Home Alone” with the kids. The kids always laugh at the robbers when they try to get into the house (burning handle, iced front steps, tool box coming down the stairs…).  I love holiday traditions and I thought for this Love Notions Holiday Handmade blog tour I would share with you one of my family holiday handmade traditions.

This tradition started when my princess was a baby.  I was shopping at my local fabric store and saw a cute Angel print and decided to make her a new holiday pajama to wear on Christmas morning. Not only was it fun but made for great photos in the morning.  This was the beginning of a 10 year holiday tradition of kids matching pajamas for Christmas morning.

Usually, I select a new style for my Christmas morning pjs.  This year, I selected two Love Notions patterns:  Prisma Dress & Moto Maxx .  The Moto Maxx pj version is not new in our house, I have made a few of them using that pattern but they are now all too small for my middle child.

First up is the Prisma dress* , I made no modifications to the pattern.  I selected the scoop version, ¾ sleeve length and went up one size.  I was looking for a more loose style to ensure sleeping comfort.  If you have a closer look at the picture you can see another family holiday tradition.  My husband and I are having quite some fun with that guy.  As you can see, he gets in trouble almost every night!

Secondly, I made the Moto Maxx for the boys pjs.  No modification to the pattern. I skipped the pockets making it a quick sew!  I usually make the short sleeve version but I received a special request from this guy.

My princess’ AG doll also get her own version of this year Christmas pjs.  I used the latest pattern Doll LDT that was released during this Handmade Holiday Tour.

In conclusion, I wanted to share with you a new Holiday Tradition.  In November, I tested an advent calendar for Rebecca Page. I had so much fun with the kids creating each ornaments.  You can get your free pattern here* (for a limited time).  Go grab it and create your own Holiday tradition. 

Use the comments box below and let me know what is your favorite Holiday tradition. Be sure to check out all the other fabulous Handmade Holiday inspirations.

Merriest Christmas to everyone and wishes for a happy, healthy, peaceful New Year for everyone.


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  1. Prisma as a nightgown is genius!! Thanks for being on the tour!!

  2. I love the idea of using the Prisma for a nightgown! Inspired! - Pat

    1. Thank you Pat, I'm looking forward to see those creations.

  3. Getting together with the extended family on Christmas Eve